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What's Included?

Eigen Ingenuity’s base platform provides powerful data integration, visualisation and analytics but it can be augmented with add-on modules to dramatically increase your team’s productivity and the quality of your decision-making.

Eigen Ingenuity

We have designed Eigen Ingenuity to give power to engineers – power to connect and integrate more data, power to experiment more, power to automate value-adding workflows.

The base platform competes head on with other leading data visualisation and analytics platforms to deliver much more, including advanced trending, analytics, virtual calculations as well as connectors to multiple data sources.

Subscribe to Eigen Ingenuity SaaS for just $29.99 per month per user.

Add extra functionality into Eigen Ingenuity to make more of your data, automate workflows and increase the quality of your decision-making:

  • Automated Reporting
  • Scripts via Node-RED®
  • Knowledge graph data model
  • Open Source Timeseries Database.

Note a subscription to the Eigen Ingenuity base platform is required for each module added.

Automated Reporting

As much as a day a week can be taken up hunting data, manually preparing tables and charts and copying and pasting into slides and documents to be emailed. 

The Eigen Ingenuity Automated Reporting module helps you set up high quality, professional reports once that can be issued manually or set to run each day, week or month, pulling in your latest data, displaying as numerics, trends and charts and sharing links or PDFs as you decide.

Pull the latest data from any of your data sources and edit comments on the latest status of your operations before issuing reports to keep everybody in your organisation well informed.

Add in Automated Reporting

See how Automated Reporting with Eigen Ingenuity could help your business increase productivity get in touch.

Scripts via Node-RED®

Operations are often complex and require the customisation and automation of data workflows to address unique challenges and ways of working. Eigen Ingenuity integrates with Node-RED’s low code workflow design and development to enable you to create custom digital and data workflows that mirror your business.

Unlike Excel and Access however, Node-RED’s solutions are transparent and can be interrogated and updated easily without specialist coding expertise – and with full version control.

Add in Scripts via NodeRed

Note this Module can only be added to on-premises deployments of Eigen Ingenuity, not Software-as-a-Service.

To improve your business performance with low code workflow design and integration with Eigen Ingenuity get in touch.

Knowledge Graph Asset Model

Your data probably does not fit neatly into predefined databases but is likely to be distributed and fragmented. Knowledge graph technology enables operations teams to connect data at source, both owned and via third party, to effectively build a data model or digital twin of their assets and infrastructure.

The knowledge graph is a flexible framework on which to build a hierarchical solution that can scale up and down to provide different perspectives to meet different user needs.

Add in Knowledge Graph Asset Model

To explore how Knowledge Graph with Eigen Ingenuity could help integrate your data at scale get in touch.

Open Source Timeseries Database

Open Source timeseries database can be integrated in Eigen Ingenuity’s backend and connected to a wide range of data sources, or simply to capture and historize manually entered data such as lab results, production tests, equation parameters, etc.

A cost-effective module to capture and historize process data instead of more expensive industrial process data historians.

Add in Open Source Timeseries Database

To find out more about how timeseries data can transform the quality of your decision-making with Eigen Ingenuity, get in touch.

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