Eigen Ingenuity 6.0

Next generation digital platform for oil and gas operations

Eigen Ingenuity 6.0 = Digital Twin + Visualisation + Search + Wiki

Ingenuity 6.0 is the latest generation of online platform for doing work in industrial operations.

Imagine if you could combine a Digital Twin of your information with search functionality like Google, powerful visualisation tools like PI Vision and Power BI and the ease of doing analysis in Excel.

That’s Eigen Ingenuity.
A new, integrated way of working

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Automating blowdown performance validation

Reporting Use Case

Alerted users to a hydraulic leak

Built by engineers, for Engineers, Eigen Ingenuity is a next generation platform for digitalisation of industrial operations that makes your existing information available instantly and lets you build new capabilities.

It allows you to go step by step to connect, relate, contextualise and work with information in your existing systems. Eigen Ingenuity is an add-on layer on top of existing systems that allows you to modernise your operations without replacing your investment in existing systems.

It combines the documenting features of Word, Powerpoint and Excel with powerful real time analysis tools from the likes of Pi VisionCoresight or Aspen Process Explorer with the dashboarding of Power BI.

Our online platform makes information searchable

Gone are the days of stranded knowledge on distant hard drives - the new way of working is online.

Replace the old way of using traditional office documents.

Create documents (such as reports, procedures, analyses etc.) online with links to live data.

Share them instantly, collaborate with colleagues and keep the information live so that your organisation can learn.

Say Goodbye, to siloed knowledge and dead documents.

What can Eigen Ingenuity 6.0 do for you?


Eigen Ingenuity will improve the efficiency of your best people and make work more enjoyable.


Eigen Ingenuity is instantly usable as it is deployed using fully cloud native technologies.


Eigen Ingenuity allows you to digitalise gradually, in a step by-step way, making sure you bring everyone with you. To start with you can just use it for dashboards, or trending, or documentation, and then over time use it to transition legacy, manual work processes over to modern, digital workflows.


Eigen Ingenuity connects to your existing data to make a single place to find, analyse and record information to enable your organisation to make the best use possible of your existing data and continue learning.


Eigen Ingenuity gives you instant access to your information – eliminate the wasted time looking for information across different systems and get working straight away.


Eigen Ingenuity enables you to replace spreadsheets and automate workflows, it lets you convert specialist spreadsheets into online tools that can be used by everyone.

Explore Eigen Ingenuity 6.0 Powerful Features

Virtual Timeseries

User Configurability

Creating and collaborating

Data Connectors

“Technology only delivers value if it drives a decision; either a better decision or the right decision quicker”

Murray Callander

Eigen CEO

Our approach

Eigen was formed by a team of engineers who understand operations and computers.

We are passionate about delivering Intelligent Operations and Digitalisation into the companies we work with.

Our products and services empower organisations to work efficiently and operate safely within their environments.

Over the years we have created a way of working which enables us to:


Engage with you to discover and understand the problem you would like to solve.


Build high quality solutions using our agile delivery process.


Deliver the solutions into your business to transform the way you and your team operate.


Provide ongoing support and continuous improvement to ensure that our software always works for you.


Ingenuity 6.0 is the latest release of Eigen’s Ingenuity platform; the latest generation of online platform for doing work in industrial operations. Does all the things you used to do in Excel + Word + realtime data trend & visualisation + email & social media in one platform as well has having a digital twin that links to information in your existing systems and contextualises it to let you quickly find information, analyse it and then create new content. Because you can now keep new content online within the platform it is easily searchable and always available to empower your organisation to learn and continuously improve.

Definitely! Eigen Ingenuity is designed to connect to your existing systems to give you new capabilities that leverage your investment in existing tools. This means there is no disruption to existing work processes and you can build new digital capabilities step by step.

Eigen Ingenuity installs alongside existing systems. New digital functions can be built that still link to existing tools.

Eigen Ingenuity is fully cloud based and deployment is automated using Kubernetes. Once the cloud infrastructure has been made available and the data sources defined the system is installed and running within hours.

Internally for our ongoing product development work we use agile. For for custom development
projects we use an enhanced agile methodology that includes detailed project definition and more enhanced project management.

Yes. Ongoing support is built into our monthly licence fee and includes a helpdesk covering the typical ITIL levels 1, 2 & 3 as well as system monitoring and access to the latest software updates.

Eigen Ingenuity connects to OSI PI, Aspen IP21, Honeywell PHD, InfluxDB, OPC HDA, SAP, Aveva, Honeywell, ABB, Emerson, Dynamo, Synergi, PostGres, SQLServer

Yes. Eigen Ingenuity 6.0 includes a powerful calculation “historian” that lets you create virtual timeseries using mathematical operations on the source data. You can combine data from different source historians in one calculation and perform all kinds of operations from simple addition to If statements, aggregations like min/max/average, totalising, stepping and even time shifting. Eigen Ingenuity 6.0 contains all the operations you need to generate the output your engineering objectives demand.

Yes. Eigen Ingenuity 6.0 includes features such as simultaneous editing of pages, content sharing and commenting. Each page has a comments trail so you can track the discussion inputs received to a decision.

Eigen Ingenuity is installed in you company cloud and all your data stays in your own systems. We will collect data about the performance of Eigen software, for example system uptime, memory & cpu usage, for the purposes of providing support.

You own the IP for any content you create.

Eigen Ingenuity includes built in features for making sure you know that the data you are looking at is current. Because we don’t copy data you know that you are always looking at the data directly from the source system. Ingenuity also has smart UI features that highlight when data has stopped updating, gone stale or has been flagged with a ‘bad’ status. Our monitoring service also alerts should an interface goes down so that we can proactively intervene to restore it.

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Over the past fifteen years, we have worked with many of the major oil and gas operators. We are trusted as engineering experts who deploy digital technologies to create value.

Download a use case

Interested in Eigen and how we can help you?
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Download a Use Case

Interested in Eigen and how we can help you?
Enter your email address below and we will send you a copy of the requested Use Case

Download a Use Case

Interested in Eigen and how we can help you?
Enter your email address below and we will send you a copy of the requested Use Case