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Support to help you get more from your data

We’ve designed Ingenuity to be super intuitive, with world-class user experience design, taking input, ideas and feedback from users just like you.


We’ve put together a list of the most common questions users have asked about Ingenuity; if you don’t find an answer to your question contact Ingenuity Support.

With Ingenuity Lite you can:

  • Connect your own data sources (e.g. process data historians, cloud timeseries and SQL databases),
  • Create fully user-configurable workspaces, dashboards, charts;
  • and configure virtual calculations combining data from multiple sources. Data from open public APIs can also be easily configured.


Advanced features and functions can be added into your workspace subscription to suit your needs, including Automated Reporting, Events and Notifications, Workflow Scripts, a Knowledge Graph model for asset contextualisation and a dedicated Timeseries Database.

To create your own content, share it and add your own data sources, you will need your own subscription.

Contact support at [email protected] and we will set up your up with a free 30-day trial.

Yes. Ingenuity includes a powerful calculation “historian” that lets you create virtual timeseries using mathematical operations on the source data. You can combine data from different source historians in one calculation and perform all kinds of operations from simple addition to If statements, aggregations like min/max/average, totalising, stepping and even time shifting. Ingenuity contains all the operations you need to generate the output your engineering objectives demand.

Ingenuity is being offered as a SaaS solution, hosted by Eigen. It can also be installed in you company cloud.

All your data stays in your own data source systems, unless it is uploaded, for example from Excel pages into Ingenuity’s internal InfluxDB historian.
Read our privacy policy for details about the data we collect.

Definitely! Ingenuity is designed to connect to your existing systems to give you new capabilities that leverage your investment in existing tools. This means there is no disruption to existing work processes, and you can build new digital capabilities step by step.

Built for industrial use-cases: The latest version, Ingenuity 7, available as a SaaS or on-prem solution packs over 16 years of experience in developing and deploying analytics and visualisation solutions for highly complex industrial operations, and in particular for very demanding oil & gas operations.

Designed to give power back to engineers: Ingenuity is 100% user-configurable from an intuitive web front-end.

Features that maximise value from your data: Ingenuity’s real-time timeseries trending capabilities are more powerful than other trending packages and include multiple trend types, axes, self-service statistics and many other features.

Ingenuity includes over 30 advanced process data analytics functions developed over time to suit the needs of complex industrial operations.

The timeseries shopping basket is another unique feature, where users can collect series tags to perform ad-hoc analysis and trends.

Ingenuity connects to OSI PI, Aspen IP21, Honeywell PHD, InfluxDB, SAP, Aveva, Honeywell, ABB, Emerson, Dynamo, Synergi, PostGres, SQLServer, and many other systems.

Open API data sources can also be configured easily from the front-end.

You own the Intellectual Property (IP) of any content created in Ingenuity, even if it was created by our staff on your behalf.

An Ingenuity Lite subscription is available for a limited time for $29/month/user. Advanced feature modules are priced on a license per month basis, independent of the number of users.

Trial Sandbox:

Yes! You can see for yourself a sample of trend charts and dashboards in our Sandbox, free to access.

We can set up your own subscription for a 30-day free trial, where you can connect your own data sources and create your own content. Contact support at [email protected] and we will set up your up with a free 30-day trial.

Check out our training videos to see how to use the most common features.

Anybody with a Microsoft email can always come back and access the Sandbox, because access is anonymous through a common user and is read-only.

The Sandbox is a common environment for all users to experience the features of Ingenuity. To create your own content and share with other users you will need your own subscription. Contact support at [email protected] and we will set up your up with a free 30-day trial.


You can watch Get-Started Ingenuity videos here.

Yes! We are running free Ingenuity online training sessions every month. Email [email protected] to be added to the invitation mailing list.

We are happy to engage to discuss all your particular needs, including data source connectivity, custom content and on-prem deployments. Just contact us on [email protected].


Support is at hand to help you get started and connect your own data sources. Just email [email protected] with your query. We will aim to respond within 24 hours.

Advanced support packages are available; just ask if you are interested.

Eigen Training Academy

We’ve designed Ingenuity to be super intuitive, with world-class user experience design, taking input, ideas and feedback from users just like you.


How to set up a simple report in Ingenuity 7.0

  • Report set up
  • Issuing versions
  • Scheduling
  • Q&A
Denisse Gonzalez + Miles Daffin
45-60 minutes
Friday 26 Apr 2024
2pm Norway

Explore Eigen Ingenuity 7 Powerful Features

We’ve developed comprehensive technical information sheets on key Ingenuity modules to help get you set up and running, with guides, descriptions and examples to get the most out of Ingenuity.

Creating and Collaborating

Data Transformation engine

Low Code



If you can’t find what you’re looking for from us a line at [email protected] and one of our engineers will get back to you within 24 hours to help out.

If you’re looking for a faster turnaround, why not consider our advanced support service – see Additional feature.

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