Looking for more barrels?

Wells not performing as expected?

Ingenuity provides the connectivity, analytics and visualisations you need to deliver upside from your wells.

Get more production from your wells

Optimise your entire production system by deriving analytics insights, even from limited field data.

Ingenuity provides powerful visualisation and analytics for small and medium oil and gas operators.

Get in control of your production.

Most well owners intuitively know they could add more production or reduce costs if they had better control of their data. But it’s scattered, patchy and changing all the time.

Ingenuity integrates all your well and production data, with dashboards and analytics to give you control and reduce production losses

6 Reasons to choose Eigen Ingenuity

Beautiful dashboards that show you exactly what’s going on

All your data in one place for the first time

Tools to highlight opportunities and anomalies to investigate

Easily shareable with colleagues, service companies and investors

Monthly subscription to access digital services on-demand

Built on almost two decades of delivering digital solutions for oil and gas

What's included in Eigen Ingenuity

Fully customisable dashboards, fast

Build integrated views of your real-time production data

  • Visualisation of live and historic data.
  • Drag and drop, intuitive to build.
  • Instantly shareable with your team.

Powerful charting facility

Visualise your wells data to investigate losses, issues and anomalies and identify early warning signals.

  • Intuitive chart builder.

  • Multiple y-axes charts  to combine different datasets.

  • Drill down to underlying data.

On the fly calculations engine and trending tools

More than 40 built-in calculations, conversions and tools to get more from your wells data and drive productivity.

  • Mathematical functions designed for oil and gas.

  • Data transformation functions, e.g. filter, clean, combine, totalise, time-shift.

  • Shopping basket to aggregate multiple data elements for ad hoc calculations.

Connectors to key data sources

Simple APIs to bring in your data from private and public sources including Excel, PowerBI, PI, IP21, MySQL, Posgres, Oracle etc.

  • Easy integration with all key oil and gas data sources.

  • Instant access to data in other systems – documents, records and sensor data.

  • Caching to minimise data load when working remotely.

What’s in the Demo Account?

The Ingenuity Demo Account is a free sandbox where you can try out the full feature set of Ingenuity 7 on dummy production and operations data.

  • Build your own dashboards and charts, connect in data from different sources, perform complex calculations using Ingenuity’s built-in calculation engine.
  • You’ll immediately see how to create more value with your own data – efficient, cloud-based, shareable, system-wide visualisation and analytics.
  • Register for your free Demo Account with just an email and you can be up and running in minutes. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to your own workspace and securely connect in your own data.

How does Eigen Ingenuity compare?



PI Vision



Customisable dashboards

Real-time live data visualization & trending

Live process dashboards (Process mimics)

Advanced trending capabilities, multiple axes, statistics, trend types: line, bar, area, dots, etc.

Shareable content, data tables & reports

Connectors to multiple data sources (timeseries and relational DBs)

Advanced process data analytics and mathematical functions

API connectors to public or private sources

Analytic operations with data across multiple sources

Oil & gas domain specific calculations and tools

User configurable custom APIs

Shopping basket functionality to facilitate the collection of data for analysis, click and trend any data tag

Caching to minimize load on data sources out in the field

Why Eigen

Digital problem solvers in oil and gas

We’re a team of engineers with a passion for digital. Formed in 2007 off the back of bp’s Field of the Future programme, we’ve spent the past sixteen years building digital solutions.

And with that experience, coupled with leaps forward in low-code technology and open-source software, we wanted to take everything we’ve learnt and offer it to oil and gas professionals who typically could never access such high quality tools and systems.

Our vision for Ingenuity is to democratise world-class digital technology, so everyone can benefit, not just the ones with the deep pockets. Read more – for now I think this will have to go here. But we need a thought piece of why Ingenuity.

Case Studies

Improving estimation of chemical injection

User configured virtual calculations to estimate chemical injection rates, based on chemical tank levels and used to calculate the real time chemical dosage in parts per million (ppm).

Visualising & integrating data in real time

Drag and drop KPI items for user-configured dashboards that look great combining data from multiple sources such as open API feeds, e.g. shown here the Norwegian Meteorological Institute Latest

Assuring chemical dosage

Detail of the virtual calculation configured to estimate chemical flow and chemical dosage in ppm.

What other people say

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